Calming The Fibro Flare!

Disclaimer: before we get started I do need to state that I am a current warrior with chronic pain due to fibro and I am in no way a medical professional by license. I am not advising you to change any current or future treatment plans you may be on. I advise you to consult your own medical team before trying or making any changes to your current or future treatments. 

Physical therapy can Eliminate or Reduce Pain helps you to Avoid Surgery, and Develop Mobility. Recover from a Stroke or other injury, Recuperate From a Sports Injury Improve Your Balance, and Prevent Falls. It can also help Manage Diabetes and Vascular Conditions as well as Manage Age-Related Issues. So now  Aqua therapy is my favorite form of therapy. The water helps support your joints and allows you to move more freely than you can on land. I’ll tell you that what is called elephant legs is real. Basically, it’s when gravity hits you once you get out of the pool. You feel so heavy and hours after the therapy is when you will know how hard you have been working. You will be sore but you also will know that you have gotten a good workout if you stick with it. Will help you get stronger. In addition to all the other Benefits of Aquatic Therapy Increase joint flexibility.  Pool therapy offers a tremendous advantage because it reduces the effects of gravity allowing for increased joint range of motion crease in muscle strength Decrease in pain Decrease in abnormal tone, spasticity, and rigidity

Regular gentle exercise is one of the most effective ways that fibromyalgia flare-ups can be avoided or diminished and pain managed. Exercise in moderation may increase pain at first but may help prevent or improve pain over time and build up endurance, muscle strength, avoidance of depression, and boost moods. Physical therapy techniques aim to improve your range of motion and strengthen the muscles. This can also help reduce FM pain. Your therapist will tailor a program to help manage specific symptoms. They can also teach self-care techniques, including FM education, to help you manage the fatigue and pain on your own. Its been shown that pain management education can lead to increased performance during exercise. Tai chi is one of my personal favorites is the mind-body technique involving deep breathing, meditation, and controlled movements. Tai chi can improve muscle strength, balance, and stamina. It’s not strenuous, but you can develop sore muscles or sprains if you overdo it. Above all, consider all your options and ask questions, try things out and remember that you don’t have to do all the things at once. Try one see how you feel take a break then pick another activity rinse and repeat. 

Pharma Meds

antidepressants used in the treatment of chronic pain include amitriptyline and nortriptyline (Pamelor). They may be prescribed to relieve chronic pain including duloxetine (Cymbalta), (Effexor XR, Fetzima, Savella).


Driven nutrition https://www.drivennutrition.net/

Charlotte’s Web™ FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL Gummy – (Sleep, Calm, Recovery) – Raspberry – Sleep – 10mg 60ct

Charlotte’s Web™ FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL Gummy – (Sleep, Calm, Recovery) – Ginger – Recovery – 10mg 60ct

Charlotte’s Web™ FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL Gummy – (Sleep, Calm, Recovery) – LemonLime – Calm – 10mg 30ct – LemonLime – Calm – 10mg 30ct

As well as CBD oil 750mg I increased slowly to this level over almost 2years. 

meditation uses neural pathways that make the brain less sensitive to pain and increases the use of the brain’s own pain-reducing opioids. If you have chronic pain, meditation is worth looking at.


Among the most beneficial forms of exercise for chronic pain patients are those that include stretching. There are many proven benefits to stretching including improved range of motion, less muscle stiffness, and better circulation.

Pacing is an essential technique for mastering chronic pain and often involves taking a break before you need to. Pacing may reduce the severity and duration of flare-ups. Pacing may reduce feelings of frustration and low mood through repeated pain flare-ups.

 Support having a strong support system has been by far the best tool I have. To be honest, you will have times when your medicine will not work your tools will fail and your pain will win for that day. So to have the emotional support of your community of pain warriors will mean so much to you. You have them there to not judge you and for you to not need to justify or explain to them anything about what you are going through. At times only needing to say “I’m in a flare right now” is all you need to say. Most times you’ll find at least one other person also in the same spot. In some cases maybe even have the same symptoms. However, that support and understanding will be what gets through to the next moment.


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